WGU Academic Discount

IT Services & Solutions would like to offer the Students, Alumni, Faculty & Staff of WGU an academic discount. ITSS is committed to the ideals of service and education.

We offer you both our ITSS Security and our ITSS Security + Optimization subscription services at 40% off retail.

ITSS Security

AVG Business Security Suite: Anti-virus, Firewall, Internet Security, Anti-spyware, Secure Remote Access (file/admin), and Server OS Support for less than the retail price of the standard consumer AV/Firewall – only $0.75/week.

ITSS Security + Optimization

AVG Business AV/Firewall + weekly cleaning & defragmenting = ITSS Optimization – only $1.50/week.

Get you computer back to factory new speed and keep it that way – safe from hackers and viruses and cleaned of spyware, adware, cookies, & internet cache.

Select from the quantities below of ITSS Security or ITSS Security + Optimization and we will have you out an install email with in 1 business day. Your subscription will never expire but you can cancel any time with one click.

Use your preferred (paypal) email for billing and AVG portal account, only include your WGU email address for verification that you qualify for this exclusive discount.

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