Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

Preconditions for Services

ITSS conducts the majority of its work for customers remotely by use of secure client software technology.  Unless otherwise stated, all customers must start with with a PC or server in sufficient working order to receive software from ITSS or be able to access if from an online repository.  Such computer to be fixed or maintained by ITSS must be in a current state as to allow the installation of software products from ITSS.  If a customer’s computer cannot access the software or install it, ITSS will refund all monies and cancel the subscription.

Warranty and Guarantee

If the customer in working with ITSS is unable to get ITSS agent software(s) installed all moneys paid will be refunded as no services could be rendered.  If software agents are installed and operational for any period of time during the 7 days after payment is received,  and service of any kind is provided, no refund will be issued, but the customer my cancel their subscription at any time to avoid entering into the subsequent service period (30 day billing cycle).  No refunds will be issued for previous service periods – leased licenses are part of all services and ITSS will have previously satisfied those obligations with the source vendor.   Customer surrenders all claims to recourse outside of the described Warranty and Guarantee.

Access to Devices

Customers grant to ITSS express permission to install such software as it necessary to maintain the security and optimization of the computer to be serviced.  ITSS will not access any machine for any purpose other than to provide agreed upon services.  No remote access client (real time remote control) shall be installed unless necessary to complete the services requested by the customer and access will never occur with out the express notification to the customer.   Such services as are included in offerings limited to ITSS Security and ITSS Optimization are substantially asynchronous in nature and tasks and maintenance will be queued using cloud based dashboard for ITSS technicians and client based agents on the customer devices. ITSS Techs will use the latest synced info available to queue a devices service task and the customers device will receive such tasks and complete maintenance operations when device next communicates with ITSS Cloud based servers.

Support & Communication

Unless specifically stated all offerings of service by ITSS, ITSS shall provide only basic email based support as necessary to install or repair installation of software to be used by ITSS for the purpose of repairing or maintaining the customer’s computer(s).

Unless specifically stated all offerings other than ITSS “My IT Guy services” (24×7 monitoring and Helpdesk services) shall be limited to asynchronous maintenance as may be need to fix discoverable security and operational issues limited to the operating system and general performance of the computer’s operating system and software(s) installed by ITSS for the purpose of security and optimization.  Any services outside of AV/Firewall, OS optimization / maintenance, and networking issues will be quoted and billed separately from offerings of Security, Optimization, and Helpdesk (i.e. Printers, office productivity software, data recovery, systems admin services, installation and administration of 3rd party applications, custom engineering, web design, etc.)

My IT Guy Services

My IT Guy Services from ITSS, imply the use of both synchronous and asynchronous maintenance and service as well as live, real time help tech support with OS and Networking type issues for the device which is registered for service per installed agent software or installed local client software.  Communication for ITSS My IT Guy services includes: email, chat, remote assistance and phone (support phone number provided at time of signup).