ITSS Security + Optimization

IT Services & Solutions premium security and ideal computer performance.

ITSS combines AVG Business Security Suite, with monitoring and intervention for security.  To this we add the cleaning features of CCleaner Professional paired with customized tuning.  When ITSS handles the security and performance, you and your staff are freed to focus on making technology serve your operational goals rather than tasked with fixing and maintaining the technology.

ITSS Security + Optimization transforms your IT expense into a business investment with our pro-active optimization service.  Your computers will cleaned weekly and defragmented monthly. We also continually monitor and patch your system with the latest updates for the operating system and drivers for your hardware, supporting both security and performance.

A cleaned and tuned computer will, start fast, run fast, and last longer than one that is constantly cluttered and fragmented.

You and your employees will get more done when you computers can take full advantage of bandwidth. A regularly cleaned and performance tuned system will minimize the latency and slowing that tends to slow users down and allow for distractions to productivity.

Your privacy and data will be protected with secure file deletion and regular removal of tracking cookies, cache, browser history, passwords, and temporary internet files.

ITSS Security + Optimization includes subscription licensing for both AVG Business and CCleaner, and the labor required to support them.  With automatic renewals there are never any gaps in your security updates and computers never have a chance to get slow and cluttered.

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