My IT Guy

The My IT Guy service from ITSS is like having you very own IT guy on call 24×7.  Our term of certified professionals is always there watching for and fixing problems behind the scenes as well as ready to take your call, email, or instant message chat in real time. They can fix any problem with you desktop or server remotely as if they were just on the other side of the cube from you.

Whether you have a small business of 5 employees in an office or a team of 5,000 globe trotting sales professionals we are working when you are and we are just an internet connection away.

With a diverse staff of certified and seasoned IT professional we can handle any technical issue with any operating system or device – Windows, Apple, or Linux.

Before you considering a new IT hire, consider employing our team.  For less than the the price of a part-time IT newbie, you get a full-time team of pros with out the added costs of FICA tax, benefits, or headache of hiring the right candidate.

What will you do with the $1000’s we will save you every month on IT costs?

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