Friends & Family

Friends & Family enjoy special pricing.  Because we are friends, I’m sharing with you the savings I get as a dealer/re-seller.  If you have this link and my cell phone number (the password), or I would give it to you, but haven’t, you qualify for this friends & family discount, a savings of 50% off retail + transaction fees.

I expect that you will keep this link and my cell# private. You may share this discount with any one you know to be a friend of mine who may not already have it.

If you would like to share a discount with friend of yours who I don’t know well enough to give my cell# to, please share this coupon-20% off.  If you would like to share savings with a group, I do group discounts for schools/PTAs, alumni groups, employee groups, professional groups, etc – request a group discount via the Group Discount request page.

If you like the product, please like my new ITSS Facebook page and give me a 5 star review, like us, and share our page with your friends.

The best way to show your appreciation for your Friends and Family Discount is with referrals for business sales since that is where the real money is.  If you work for an organization with computers, that is a potential sale for me and savings for them that they can use for raises or even to just stay in business.  If you have a business, know a friend with a business, are related to someone with a business, or work for a business,  I’d love to beat their current price for Anti-Virus and potentially other products.  Check out the Request A Quote page and share that with your personal recommendation of ITSS with those you know who use computers in their businesses – owners or their IT personnel.

My passion is using my skills and resources in IT to do good, so if you have connections to leadership in charities or non-profits (schools, churches, libraries, food banks, animal charities, you name it, ..,) have them call my cell for a free consult.  I’d love to help them save on IT expenses so they have more to do good in the communities they serve.  I can do everything they need remotely with the exception of repairing hardware.  It won’t be free, but it will save them money.  Invite your non-profit leadership contacts to request a quote by sharing this Non-Profit link or by going to the link and using the share buttons at the bottom.

Here are your options below, call me if you have questions or any trouble installing once you subscribe:

ITSS Security

ITSS Security consists of AVG Business Anti-virus and firewall.  It includes a free virus cleaning, a $120 value at install.  A subscription to AVG Busienss retails for $63 a year, but I get it for you at $36 and bill by the month rather than the whole year up front – only $3/month.

ITSS Security + Optimization

AVG Business AV/Firewall + weekly cleaning & defragmenting with CCleaner Professional = ITSS Security + Optimizationonly $6/month. A savings of $48 per year.

In my experience, the combination of AVG Business and CCleaner products results in a worry free, fast, and secure computing experience.  AVG Business will clean any existing viruses & spyware completely and automatically.  As part of the service I manage your Windows updates and clean, optimize, and defragment your PC weekly.

Select from the quantity below of ITSS Security or ITSS Security + Optimization and I will send you out an install email within 1 business day. Your subscription will never expire but you can cancel any time.

Use your preferred (paypal) email for billing and AVG portal account.

Select Security Quantity

Select Security + Optimization Quantity