IT Services & Solutions is a leading provider of virus removal and optimization services.

Total time to download remote tools and carry out all tasks may take in excess of 2 hours due to connections speeds and time needed to defragment your hard-drive, so plan on having your computer powered on and connected to the internet for an extended period of time.

Your price of $65 is all inclusive -we will fix all software issues related to slowing and poor performance including the removal of all viruses and malware. If we can’t fix your computer we will refund your money entirely.

We do all our work on Bonanza service tickets remotely using advanced, enterprise grade tools that allow us to maintain a repair connection even after a reboot.¬† It is the same IT Helpdesk¬† experience that large enterprises use deliver support services to their employees in cases where physical hardware does not need to be replaced at an employee’s cubicle.

We look forward to fixing all the see and unseen issues that that have lead to the symptoms you are experiencing.

Please call us at 801-448-6273 with your questions or click below to initiate your repair:

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