IT Services & Solutions is proud to provide new and existing customers with the full line of Pivotal Health Solutions products including their Apollo Clinical Laser.

The Apollo is by far the best clinical laser on the market.  As a “cold laser” it is safer than those that cost far more and provide no better results.  The Apollo has a 810nm wavelength and optional 3W, 4W, & 5W wide probes.   It offers a great depth of treatment with minimal reflected energy making treatment times shorter when compared with 10W+ hot lasers from competitors, costing $30,000+.  The desktop model supports 2 probes simultaneously and can be out fitted with a 500mw probe for small areas and a fine point lens for needle-less acupuncture.

With cash only practices charging between $60 and $75 (depending on treatment), and insurance practices billing successfully (using the right codes and lower reimbursement), ROI can be under 90 days depending on clinic traffic.  What better way to add a profit center to ones clinic and deliver actual healing to patients (which in many instances could not be had or would otherwise take much longer).

For the Athletic Trainer, Massage Therapist, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Vet, MD, or Acupuncturist, there is no more valuable modality for treating pain and healing injury.

Apollo provides a 2 year warranty, 9 months of support with Dr. Turchin the inventor of the Apollo, a thorough manual of common treatments, and tons of recorded seminars for training and continued learning on the use of the Apollo. Download this free book to learn more – Free ebook – “What You Need to Know About Lasers” – Dr. Curtis Turchin

Visit the Apollo Website and build the Apollo laser that you think would best suit your practice, if you have no idea where to begin, call an ITSS consultant at 801-448-6273.

Complete the form below and compare the retail price against what we can offer to our new and existing customers and you will be pleasantly surprised.  If ITSS does not have a physical location in your state or the state where your Apollo Laser is invoiced to be shipped, we do not collect sales tax – remember that in such cases, payment of sales tax falls to the purchaser to voluntarily report.

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